Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud is has been winding down breeding over the last few years due to illness and injury of its owner.      Billara Beersheba, the studs principal stallion, however is still available at stud to select mares and is located at Mount Gambier in South Australias Lower South East. 

He is in the care of Sarah Treloar, who has known him for quite some years now, having helped Shell at Dartmoor with the horses, where she fell in love with him and the rest of the herd that has now reduced to Bill, Bronte (Wuthering Heights), and Stella (Reigate Simply Irresistible - who is currently for sale - she is a wonderful filly - a product of the afore mentioned horses).

Check out the For Sale page - we actually have three generations advertised there - Sandgate Reznor - long deceased now, however there is semen available from him - buy one or two services or all the remaining semen!        Wuthering Heights is for partial lease at Mount Gambier - She is a gorgeous girl and an easy ride, no working down needed at all (such a typical Cleveland Bay quality!), you can ride or breed her to Billara Beersheba - she is by Sandgate Reznor.     Last but not least of the listed horses - Reigate Simply Irresistible - she is of course the product of Bill and Bronte, and therefore Sandgate Reznors granddaughter. 

The dream is to once again open up again properly if my health can be improved, and I get to move back down to where the horses

are located.     However til then - it is what it is. 

There was no way I could part with Bill or Bronte on a permanent basis - particularly Bill... He is my baby and has an amazing temperament, is just so gentle and easy to get along with.       Anyhow - I still need to update sections of the site - and intend to go through and put images sent to me by owners of the horses bred and share them with everyone - I know a lot of folk have followed foals since they were born and like to know where they are now.     Enjoy the site and we would love to hear from you! 

For the Winged Horse Productions Site - please click on the business card at left.     Winged Horse Productions has effectively closed down due to my ill health and lack of physical ability to continue to take photographs with my tremors, the same goes for any designing and most editing projects. 

Click on the image at left to find out more about Cleveland Bay Horses, where to find sites about them around the world and eventually - a lot of images of them so you can see just how versatile this awesome breed is! 

(C) 2016 - Winged Horse Productions - Designed by: Winged Horse Productions

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(C) 2016 - Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud - Designed by: Winged Horse Productions

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Email: - Phone: 0412 385 274