Shell in brief: Horses, Photography, Art, Design & Health...

Here you will find a brief description of who I am, what I do and a bit about me.


For more indepth explanation - please see the 'History' pages on both the Reigate CB & SH Stud 'site' and the Winged Horse Productions 'site'.  


As well as breeding horses, I am also a Photographer, Artist & Designer, hence the two websites joined in this manner. 


Reigate Stud & Winged Horse Productions are located at Wallacedale, Victoria - about 20 minutes from Hamilton, so is ideally located about half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. 


Having always been keen on photography and anything art/craft related - it was only natural that I would pursue a career in these fields.       With my health issues - it has made things a little more difficult than I would like - but I do what I can, when I can.    

A list of health issues a mile long - a lot of which are unpronounceable unless you are completely switched on and not in the least bit tired at the time, and many horse related injuries from years of getting decked, run over, bitten and kicked, as well as being extremely accident prone - it is safe to say that the body is a wreck, and the brain isn't much better at times! 


At least I have not lost my sense of humour or the ability to laugh at myself.    I do have a scooter, thanks to a wonderful friend, it needs to go to the scooter mechanic at present though - but for now, I will have to deal with the wheely walking frame, or my walking stick and milk crate and take them everywhere. 


I feel at least a little useful with my camera in hand and on my computer - I feel kind of 'normal' when I am on the computer (some of the time - it seems to be getting a bit less and less lately) and able to chat to people and be a polite member of society behind my screen.    It is rather frustrating as I do rely on my camera to be my little barrier most of the time - it somehow makes me feel a little more validated at being where I am when I have a 'job' to do capturing the day in images for folk.      Sometimes the 'job' is purely taking photos for my own benefit to give me that shield between people and me.     The sheer exhaustion and pain levels play havoc on my ability to hold a conversation at times too... 


I do, however; love talking horses to people - anywhere, anytime!    It is perhaps the one subject I feel completely comfortable discussing with folk!   

To go to the individual history pages of both


Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud




Winged Horse Productions


These links will give you an indepth look at how and why I do what I do.     They will also possibly leave you wondering why I have not completely lost the plot by now and given up.


I guess if I give up, I would have to find something else to occupy my time and keep me broke.     though right now - I am at that point of just giving in and giving up more often than not. 


There is no point to living if you do not enjoy what you do, even if it does drive you batty at times!