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At present I am not doing any drawing - however; I thought I would share some images with you that I have drawn in years gone by. 


I have done a range of subjects from horses, dogs, cats, people, cars, rabbits, movie casts etc - however until I gain permission from the subjects I will not share the drawings of people at the moment as some of them are of now deceased children.  I am sure you will understand that it is a difficult thing for folk to have shared at times.


Predominately working in lead pencil - I tend to use 2B, 4B and 6B pencils and on occasion I have worked in EB - however that is quite a harsh pencil with a very 'black and white' finish that does not work for all subjects.


I have dabbled in leather carving, sculpture, painting, screen printing and a few other areas that I would like to get back into once I have my own little studio space set up.   This will come in time and I will share images with you as I do them.


I made the mistake years ago of only doing artwork for clients - and it became a total chore - not a 'fun' thing to do, on top of losing all confidence in my abilities to complete work to my own and clients satisfaction.      It is a difficult thing to explain to people that you do not have confidence in being able to draw anymore.

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