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Offspring of Billara Beersheba

For those with the direct link to this page, and needing a recap of Bills breeding & registrations, they are listed here for you to see.

His extended pedigree is available on the Sporthorse Data Base.  

On this page we will endeavour to bring you images of each of his offspring from a variety of mares so that you can see the consistency in type, and some comments from current owners where possible.    

Please bear with me while I get this page updated fully, but as a quick guide that doesn't really need explaining, the ones in pink are fillies - the ones in blue are colts/geldings.    As we have pages ready - you will be able to click on the images of his offspring and it will take you to a page of their own with updates, comments from owners and what they are up to now. 

Billara Beersheba


CBHSA Reg: 503CBS ~ CBHS Reg: PB 4767

WSA Reg: WBSH2012-001 ~ AWSHA Reg: 762SH08
75% Cleveland Bay, 25% Thoroughbred Stallion
Born 20th September 2004 ~ Standing: 16 hh

By: Wetherby Alpheratz (Purebred Cleveland Bay - Imp. NZ)
Out of: Billara Killari (Partbred CB by Gillshaw Caliph (Imp. UK. Dec.))

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