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Cleveland Bay Horses

The image used as background  (and right) is a painting of Summerlee Figaro (now deceased - owned by Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud at the time) by

Yvette Frahn of Spirit Of Equine - click the link to go to her Facebook page.      She is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist, living in South Australia.

In general, folk are surprised to hear that a horse standing right in front of them is in a minority group as far as a breed of horse goes when they learn a little about the Cleveland Bay.      

Explaining to folk that, no, not every Bay horse they see is a Cleveland Bay, and that it is not just that every Cleveland is Bay, can sometimes be a long conversation, but it's well worth it when they eventually understand how rare these horses are and how much has been done to try to save them from dying out as a breed. 

I hope to bring you some information about these wonderful horses here on this site and provide you with some links to the various registering bodies in your part of the world. 

All images on this site are ones that over the years I have been given permission to share on my personal website at one stage or another by either the photographers, the owners of the horses (who have supplied the images stating they have taken the images themselves or have permission from the photographers to share them, or are from the archives of various societies and personal vaults and permission given.      

So... WHY a Cleveland Bay?   


The simplest answer to that questions is:    Why NOT a Cleveland Bay?     If you are after soundness, temperament, trainability, a horse you can do anything - and I mean, ANYTHING, with - then you need to get yourself one of these big bay horses ASAP. 


Obviously in any breed you may find one that isnt as quiet as what they are meant to be or as easy going - however they are few and far between with these guys. 


If you look at the breed history - going back hundreds of years now, the Cleveland Bay has been used as an all round horse for the whole family to enjoy - work for the farmer during the day pulling a plough or a cart, took the master hunting on the weekend, and then took the family to church or outings on Sundays in the carriage.  - A true all round horse!      You can't really get much more versatile and forgiving for being worked all the time than that.  


I Personally was drawn to Cleveland Bays because I was fed up with flat footed TBs with not quite enough bone for me to ride full time, I had had a couple of Clydie x TBs who had feet issues - thanks TBs for the feet, lol (not all TBs have hoof issues - however I lucked out on the ones I had had) - and then friends bought a Partbred Cleveland Bay Stallion, Sandgate Reznor.        

Sandgate Reznor was by the Imported Purebred, Gillshaw Caliph and was out of a mare named Balalaika who had Holsteiner blood as well as some extra CB blood there that is 'known' but not officially documented so sadly cannot be listed as such on registration papers.      However - the blood from Gillshaw Caliph was plenty enough to give Sandgate Reznor the 50% CB Blood needed to be given a permit to breed Cleveland Bay Sporthorses.

Sandgate Reznor - Partbred CB Stallion

Sandgate Reznor

Partbred CB Stallion

Reigate Remember Me

Cleveland Bay Sporthorse Gelding

Killarnie Ceilidh

Cleveland Bay Sporthorse Mare

Please feel free to share your images with us for this site.      

The ABSOLUTE BEST way to get the breed seen and out there for the world to be educated about them is to share, share, share!     So if you have photographs and stories about your Cleveland Bays or your encounters with them - we would love to hear about it.     Send in a few photos - let us know who the copyright belongs to and make sure you have permission to share the images as well. 

Just send any information to and we will get them up asap for you. 

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