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Cleveland Bay Horses

Images of Cleveland Bays, Partbred Cleveland Bays and Cleveland Bay Sporthorses from around the world.

All of the images of this page I have gained permission to use at one point or another from the photographer, the owner or the various associations to help promote the Cleveland Bay Horse world wide. 

We would love to add more  - unlike some websites that want to promote the Cleveland Bay - we are not solely focused on horses that are out competing at high levels or doing sometheing spectactular - we would love to hear from you if your Clevie is your best friend and is a big paddock sloth - if you go trail riding, get out and do some ARC or PC events or clinics at times - whatever your 'use' for your Cleveland Bay be it pure or part - we are dead keen to help share him/her with the world for you - so if you have any images and perhaps a story to go with them - please send them to:


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