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Reigate Brand

Reigate Brand


Promotional Material Design:     Promotional material includes Business Cards,  Brochures, Posters, Banners, Postcards, Gift cards for your business or services, Advertising for magazines or websites etc. 


Prices for Adverts vary dependent on the requirements, and imagry supplied by yourself (or whether I need to come and take some more images).


An eye catching advert, banner on the fence or float, signwriting on the horse float or at the main entrance to your property can make all the difference when it comes to sales, a more professional look for your clients etc. 


Adverts for products make an impact when they are in keeping with your logo design and makes them recognisable as yours in an instance.

Design - Logos, Brochure, Advertising, Banners etc


There are many facets of design, and everything we use, read, or instantly recognise as a company or product - all come from the basics of design. 


What does your logo say about your business or hobby?     Do you have a generic logo that you see in many different businesses advertising or is it instantly known as YOURS? 


We can produce everything needed to help promote your products and services - be they for sale, hire, volunteering etc. 


We invite you to view a few examples of our work, and please feel free to contact us for a tailored quote to suit your needs. 


Logo Design:     At left you will find a small selection of logo designs that we have done for clients Australia wide.     Logo prices vary dependent on what you are after, what you have already and if I am working from scratch or if you have half an idea sorted out already.    If you have an idea in mind it involves less work and time - therefore keeping the costs lower for you, whereas if I am coming up with the concept as well - you would be looking at a higher rate. 



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