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Edited Images


Whether you need a basic edit on an image, or a major restoration or improvement of one done - I can help you out!    Please note that a lot of my edits and restorations I am unable to bring you due to the owners of the images not wishing for their personal images to be shared. 


If you need a halter removed off a horse, or if your pet or favourite person has an eye that is closed - I can usually fix it.   All I will need are a couple of photographs - particularly in the case of people - in the highest resolution you have them in. 


If you are after a couple of images worked together so that you can print it out and put it on the wall - that's easy too! 


Old photographs are fixed digitally and scratches and tears can be repaired.   You do not even have to send your originals to me - I know that a lot of folk are worried about their precious old photos being lost in the mail - just simply scan them at high resolution and I can fix them for you and email them back to you ready for printing - or I can have them printed and post the fixed product to you. 

There is always a great photo at a show with someone in the background that is rather distracting... this is no longer a problem, and neither are lead reins across the front of the neck of the horse.    Prices vary dependent on the work needed.

I can cartoonify images for you, blend wedding photographs or just your favourite images - for banners on websites, facebook headers, to be printed out to hang on the wall or promote your event that is coming up.


No job is impossible - and pricing depends entirely on how much work is involved in achieving your goals.

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