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Reigate Simply Irresistible  (click her name for her page)

Sire: Billara Beersheba - Dam: Wuthering Heights

DOB: 1st October 2018 - Bay Filly - CBHSA Reg: 720 CBS

Contact me if you are seriously interested!

Cut 3 years off your wait time of breeding your own CBSH and purchase this filly who is already here safe and sound - no risk of a lost pregnancy, mare, foal at a young age, & you can see what you are buying.

She is set to be a good 16.2 - 17hh, solidly built & a good weight carrier. She is a touch over 50% Cleveland Bay, 6.25% Holsteiner (Scwandor/Flaneur lines) & the rest TB. Her purchase includes membership & registration with the CBHSA.

She is a sweetie - she has basic leading, loves a scratch & a brush, can be caught in the paddock with ease. She has been floated from the other side of Melbourne to Mount Gambier with no problems whatsoever alongside her dear dad, Billara Beersheba. No fuss about being led away and to other side of property with her clingy paddock mate screaming. Stella just is not fussed!   She also floated on her own to another property!


Stella has lovely movement with good hock action and will be an asset to any team wanting to excell, but the temperament to chill out a little and settle down for the rider who is perhaps a bit more laid back. 

So - if you are serious about wanting a fabulous youngster - get in touch!

She is a complete gem of a filly & the temptation to keep her is great - however we the right person has the opportunity to take her on and have the superstar we know she is on their hands. It would be absolutely fabulous to see her hit the show ring before a career in whatever your chosen field for her might be.

Photos taken at 13½ months of age, mid November 2019 by myself on a brief visit to her at Mount Gambier. Was 19 months old on May 1st.   She has just had her teeth done, microchip inserted with both Farrier and Vet happy with her.

Contact: Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud 0412 385 274
Location: Mount Gambier SA

Sandgate Reznor Semen Available For Sale - I am offering all of the semen I have in storage for sale for this wonderful lad.     There is not a lot of point in me keeping it as the mare I have is actually by him so it cannot go into her - and with me winding down, I cannot see me buying more mares to put to him.     

The semen has good motility and a good thaw rate.     His standard service fee has been $1250 per service - however make me a reasonable offer on the lot and you may be surprised!