Cleveland Bay & Warmblood Sporthorses

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At Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud our aim has been to produce horses of Quality and Class for all Olympic Disciplines.

We have bred horses with a view to supplying riders horses with great bloodlines, yet take into account that not everyone has a bottomless wallet!  Our horses have always been sensibly priced to suit all budgets and on several occasions I have been known to meet a clients budget within reason if it has been the right horse for the right person.    

Due to my ill health, we have wound down the breeding of the Cleveland Bays here at home at this stage, however he will be available to selected outside mares for the coming season. 


We have also teamed up with DT Eventing with an exciting partnership with our lovely Reigate Remember Me (aka Monster).    Monster has a fabulous career ahead of him in Eventing when he is ready and a bit of low level competition til he has enough education and age under his belt.    Di and Jess are super excited are finally loving having him at home after gelding - something that took longer thank planned due to me having a heart attack and needing to get through that for the next couple of weeks before I could get out there again... 

Due to a crazy last few years, with more going on than I care to think about, all my health issues, along with a heart attack in February 2018 and a Pulmonary Embolism, as well as discovering a genetic predisposition to clotting - its time to finish up.       


I just cannot do it anymore - for quite a few years now the pain levels and 'usefullness' of my body with the Fibro, POTS and everything else - its just all too hard and I am no longer in a position to be dealing with what comes with looking after the horses as I want to and have to have other folk doing everything these days which is not fun any more.     


I feel if there was an issue foaling - I would not be able to get up in there and straighten things out these days so its best if I just finally admit it is time and give in.     


Also, I cannot afford another head injury (ok so ponies were responsible for that mainly and landing on my head when I was riding still) or to be bowled over accidentally - even though most of the horses cope with my wheely walking frame (Monster - above right) or walking stick quite well - its not a risk I can afford to take.  When using a wheelchair it could be quite dangerous (as I have to get used to using it properly myself, though the scooter is quite fun though I would get it bogged.

You will notice that all of the horses already rehomed at this stage - while ownership being kept of Bill and Bronte and their filly, Stella, the share in Monster and of course Winky - they are all in other homes - Bill, Stella and Bronte with Sarah, Monster with Di & Jess, and Winky was with my awesome friend Steph til he was sadly laid to rest in April 2019.    He really became one of Stephs 'own' there as he is just so easy to love.   I cannot thank them enough for taking such wonderful care of the 'kids'.


I will keep the website going as I am hoping that with Bill going to be out doing something with someone soon - he and Bronte and Stella were with Kim at Brynmill Park, Clyde VIC, doing great things in training at home, as well as standing at stud, however due to lack of feed (that everyone is going through at the moment) and time, they have all moved to Sarahs in Mount Gambier, SA    Monster with Jess, along with all Bills offspring - that the Reigate name will stay 'current' and this will be a great place for those with horses by Bill to be advertised for sale, or for you to keep up with what they are doing - kind of like a 'Keeping Up With The Beershebas' - we will link back to folks Facebook pages and websites if they would like - so please send in your pics and videos!

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