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Horses bred & sold here at Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud


We are so pleased with the horses we have bred and love to see them heading off to their new homes and seeing what the future holds for them.     We will update their individual pages as we receive updates from their owners!     

Reigate Fidda Florinna - 2013 Filly


Flossy is out of CM Silver Serenade who is by Billara Beersheba.  She is by Summerlea Figaro and was to be one that I would keep - being my only connection left to Figgy.       


She is of course going grey, and is quite enormous for her age.


Floss is the spitting image of her gorgeous dam, Dusty, and one of my closest and long time friends, Margaret & Les Hosking of Pine Country Sporthorses in Whyalla, SA, decided to purchase her - They have the rather handsome Braelea Park Fearless, along with a Bill daughter (Pine Country Anastasia) and a number of other wonderful Partbred Cleveland Bays and CB Sporthorses. 


She has fit right in there with Margaret, Les and the herd and we are really keen to see what they can achieve together in the future!     For now - Floss is just growing and enjoying life as a 'baby'.    

Reigate Belle Brackyn - 2012 Filly


Bibi is beautifully put together and is exactly like her lovely mum, the now deceased Killarnie Breeze.      She is the last foal out of Breeze, and is by Billara Beersheba.


She has gone to live with the wonderful Steph Cooper of Coopers Park Perfromance Horses at Glencoe, SA (not far from Mt Gambier).     Steph and Bibi have had a few little discussions - but the general concensus is that she is a sweetheart and she is looking forward to getting her out and about in 2015. 


Knowing what Steph does with her horses - Bibis future looks like it will involve showing in hand at breed shows, and when under saddle - Hack/Hunter classes, showjumping, hunting, endurance - and whatever else Steph feels like throwing at her!     She has true all rounders and does the most amazing job with her horses!

Reigate Beausoleil - 2012 Gelding


Baba is a gorgeous young man who is a beautiful example of a Cleveland Grey!   He is by Billara Beersheba and out of Lady Tuthaside - who, despite being registered with the PHAA as a Grey (Chestnut) Overo mare, was 75% Thoroughbred so was nice and elegant and quite tall, so ideal to cross with Bill!


Born a beautiful bright bay, it was evident as soon as you looked at him that he was going to go grey very quickly!   He had the biggest goggles I have seen on a newborn, and his muzzle and undercoat was as grey as you can get.


He has been sold to Kaye Butler at Callington, and she is hoping he will be a future eventer for her.      She loves him to pieces and he is growing exactly how we had all hoped!     He is going to be one to watch!   Kaye not only has Baba, but has two other Bill offspring (both fillies) and has mares served by him - as well as having Bill there currently to get going and out competing!

Legardo - 2011 Gelding


Legardo has always been a favourite with everyone who met him and worked with him.     Co-Owned by Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud & Sue Nankivell of Port Lincoln since his birth, it will be sad to see him go.   His sire, CM Bedford Forrest, was out of Killarnie Breeze.   His Dam, a lovely TB mare named Donna Del Lago, belongs to Sue & David.


He has a huge fan base and was been sold to an amazing home in NSW with Lizzie Wilson-Fellows at Lets Performance Horses though on arrival - one of Lizzies clients saw and fell in love with him and purchased him for herself. 


Michelle Putica is now riding 'Leo' as she calls him and has been out and about a fair bit on him already, and from all the images she sends us - he is going fantastically for her. 


We believe he will have an exciting future ahead of him, will receive fabulous education and have every opportunity laid out in front of him.   The bond between him and Michelle already is just awesome.     They make a fabulous team and we can't wait to see what they get up to next! 

Raindancer - 2010 Filly


Dancer was born in 2010 and was orphaned at a young age when her mums milk supply dried up all of a sudden, she then had a short illness and had to be put to sleep.   She was a little behind where she needed to be for a whlie, however just looking at her now - she has most certainly caught up! 


Now a permanant resident at Stone Haven Sporthorses with Christine Wenham at Yankalilla, and being started under saddle by her cousin, Carly Wenham at Monarto, she is coming along beautifully. 


She is by CM Oberon Toblerone (Cleveland Bay x Holsteiner) and is out of Commanding View (Thoroughbred) 


It is exciting to see what the future holds for Dancer, and we wish Carly and Christine all the very best with her! 

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