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Offspring, all pictured below - Full siblings are in the same colour text:


CM Alina Keely - 25% CB, 50% TB, 25% Station Bred Black Tobiano Filly by Allen Park Bald Eagle

CM Cullen Eachan - 25% CB, 75% TB Bay/Brown Gelding by CM Danzaponasta

CM Dolan Kearney - 25% CB, 50% TB, 25% Station Bred Black Gelding by Allen Park Bald Eagle

CM Brietta Carlin - 25% CB, 50% TB, 25% Station Bred Bay Tobiano Filly by Allen Park Bald Eagle

CM Ciarra Ashlinn - 62.5% CB, 37.5% TB Bay Filly by Billara Beersheba

Reigate Belita Blossom - 62.5% CB, 37.5% TB Bay Filly by Billara Beersheba

Reigate 'Odin' - 25% CB, 25% TB, 37.5% QH, 12.5% Appaloosa - Black Buckskin Colt by Roc On

Killarnie Ceilidh
CBHSA Reg: 248B
WSA Reg: WBSH2012-004
AWSHA Reg: 778SH09
50% Cleveland Bay 50% Thoroughbred
Sire: Killarnie (CBSH)    Dam: Oberon Shandy (CBSH)
DOB: 29/11/1995 - 16.1hh

CBHSA 2003 High Point Awards Champion Halter Horse











The matriach of the herd - Ceilidh is a darling mare who has given us some wonderful foals over the years as you can see below.    


She is currently in South Australia with Bianca, Nathan and Jenny - Bianca owns CM Ciarra Ashlinn and Nathan decided he had to have Reigate 'Odin' (yet to be officially named).


I had planned on retiring the girl from breeding - however she seems to thrive being a mum.     I would really like to try to get a 3/4 Cleveland Bay from her - and have some Forest Field Day semen in storage that would be a perfect match for her.


We will wait and see what happens in the future - at present she is happy being a mum and apparently I am going to have a hard time getting her back off of Nathan!   He has fallen a bit in love with her. 


Ceilidh is a bit of a precious petal at times - but she is a complete darling.    She was a wonderful horse under saddle and in-hand at shows - just a delight to take out and do things with. 


She has long since retired from the ring and from general riding - about the time my body gave out was about when she stopped being ridden - for no reason other than I was unable to continue - and she is one of those mares who gets to 3 months in foal and then decides shes too pregnant to possibly do any more than walk! 









Ceilidh is a fabulous mum as mentioned and a brilliant mare in the herd - she is quietly the head mare, and seems to end up with a 2IC who does the dirty work for her - she just has to wander towards the others and they will back off, or flick an ear and they know what she means. 


She is not at all narky but certainly makes sure everyone else knows they are below her in the heirachy. 


She is now the animal here with seniority over everyone else - having been with me since 2003.    She truly is the most wonderful horse and I would be totally lost without her.


I am so pleased that her offspring have, and do provide their owners with lovely horses and great friends. 

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