Meet their carer....

We have an awesome support network - I am obviously not there to be looking after the horses myself and even if I was located where they are - I am not in any state whatsoever to be able to do anything much these days so it is VERY much appreciated that Sarah and co are dedicated to putting the time in and enjoying the three remaining horses I have left - if they werent - I would be forced to sell them all - and that would completely desroy me. 


So, along with Sarah - who there is some info about below - her wonderful family, Barry, Leonie and Kate, are happy to jump in and feed or help out when needed and enjoy having some horse time as well.      Around the area - there is the wonderful Steph Cooper who is more than happy to head over and help if its needed, as are a few others who are local to the area - she and Sarah picked up Bill and Stella, Sarah and Barry had picked up Bronte a few days earlier. 


I seriously cannot express how thankful I am to Sarah and the wonderful friends I have there who are willing to help - though Sarahs got it pretty well covered!     


After an episode where I had them leased out and they came back in a terrible terrible state, and that was leased to a so called friend of some 15 - 20 years, I have very little trust in people now when it comes to looking after them.     They have all bounced back beautifully thanks to Sarahs care!

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Sarah Treloar


Sarah started coming out when we were situated at Dartmoor, to help out and continue with her skills around horses - she had some experience prior but no longer had access to work with horses of all ages and levels of training. 

She was soon working with the stallions, colts, mares, fillies with ease and felt comfortable around all of them (it is amazing how many people dont feel comfortable around 'stallions' as they have this preconceived notion of a 'wild horse' from TV and movies), and discovered that Bill (Billara Beersheba) is a total marshmallow and being a stallion and having testicles was probably the only thing that kept him awake.

At the time I not only had my horses, I had other peoples horses and ponies there as well.    There was everything from 16 inch tall mini foals to 17hh mares with everything in between.

Sarah was 17 at the time - with her 18th fast approaching, and a very mature 17 yr old she was in my mind - with the ability to give any task a go and ending up completing it with ease.    

She has a knack with young horses and ones that need trust gained as she is quiet and can read the horses - something that is very hard to teach - you either have it or you dont - well, Sarah has it.

Now, with her 22nd birthday approaching in 2020, shes got quite the herd of her own horses as well as looking after my three remaining ones, including having taken on the lease of Billara Beersheba - my lovely stallion, and having a blast with him. (Pictured at left with him)