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Meet the critters that make up the rest of the Reigate CB & SH Stud Zoo!


There arent any human kids in the family - but there are fur kids who keep the anxiety and stress away for the most part.     As I have always said to people who have toddlers and teenagers - all my kids I can legally shoot or sell (NOT THAT I EVER WOULD!!!!!!!!!) .... It gives them a laugh. 



aka: Zeek/Ziki - DOB: December 2016


Zeek is a gorgeous little girl and is the very last in my line of cats that I have had since 2001 - which began with Spook, then his sister (Spook was desexed so he couldnt produce anything for me!!) and then over the years from time to time, a litter has been born and a special girl kept...


Shes speyed, chipped and registered and is a sweetheart.    She got along beautifully with Tess before she had to be put to sleep, and it took a while for her to warm up to her new 'brother' Stinky, she would beat the living daylights out of him - but now its in play and mutual.     They will curl up and sleep together for ages - then one will chew on the others head and off they zoom through the house sounding like a herd of elephants. 

The cats also have an outdoor run that they can go play in - but not be 'outdoors' as such roaming the streets.     This was made by my awesome friends who helped me move, Kathy Macfarlane and Rhys.    The cats love it to bits and do their business outside which is handy!


Bazinga - aka Stinky

DOB: April 2019

Stinky came from a rather feral home.    The type with carpets that your shoes stick to as you walk in, it smells big time, big barking dogs jumping at the back door trying to get in, harassing the cats that were outside, and Stinky looked rather wet - which I assume was dog slobber. 

He was meant to be named Bazinga - however Stinky kind of stuck as he really stank... First thing I did was give him a bath which he tolerated... He scoffed his food down big time - he was wormed, deflead, and he has grown into the most beautiful cat with an awesome temperament and just loves attention from people or from Zeek.     It took some time for her to warm up to him but now they are awesome buddies :D 

As soon as he was old enough and his 'boys' had dropped, he went in for his neutering


microchipping and was registered.

These two give loads of entertainment and cuddles, they are quite different in temperament in some ways but they seem to compliment each other.

Both love to cuddle up on top of their chosen person - one on a hip, one on the rib cage if you are laying on your side.     They are very much loved fur kids!


Tess McBess

aka:  Tessa Dawg - RIP: 22nd July 2019


Tess is a gorgeous Kelpie who came to me in 2011 as she was surplus to needs on 'the farm' with her then humans family.

Basically - she is good in the paddock on sheep - but not brave enough in the yards or shed - and they had enough paddock dogs!   Her then humans mum and I have known each other for years and she asked if I knew anyone who would like a lovely Kelpie - who otherwise may have to go have a 'long lay down in the shade of a tree'.... I took her on a fortnights trial - and just fell in love with her, and it was sealed when she protected myself and the cats from another dog just a week after arriving to see if she would fit in. 

Tessa is not a 'young' dog - and a true lady never reveals her age apparently, and I am not quite sure I would call her a 'true lady' either - she likes to roll in smelly things, chew things that are horrid and stinky, and lays on the bed, floor, ground, couch etc upside down with her legs in the air.     You know her own stench offends her occasionally when she 'toots' and leaves the room.   Thanks honey - nice stinky dog fart - just what we all need!

Sadly, in December 2018, Tess started having real trouble breathing, so off to the vet, loads of tests later and xrays as well and it was decided that it was her tumors and arthritis getting the better of her - so she was given an antiinflamitory/pain relief for the arthritis and with the tumors - it was a matter of time beffore they would have us making 'that' decision.     So while she was happy and coping well with life on the medication that was ok - we had another 7 months with her til one weekend she just went downhill suddenly and we knew it was time.    We took her in and stayed with her til she went to sleep for the last time, then took her home to mum and dads to be buried in the back yard there.     Im still not really coping with losing her as she was such a huge part of my life for so long.

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