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Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud Broodmare Herd


Here you will see our lovely selection of mares used to produce the gorgeous offspring you will have seen on the site or around the traps at shows, events etc...    Should you wish to enquire about any upcoming or existing foals from these girls - by all means get in touch with us at 


We also have a page of mares who have had influence on our youngstock and breeding stock, with a number of them being in our own herd at some point and either being sold or having passed away - if you would like to have a look at these girls - please go to the Reference Mares page.

Killarnie Ceilidh
CBHSA Reg: 248B
WSA Reg: WBSH2012-004
AWSHA Reg: 778SH09
50% Cleveland Bay - 50% TB
Sire: Killarnie (CBSH)    

Dam: Oberon Shandy (CBSH)
DOB: 29/11/1995 - 16.1hh

CBHSA 2003 High Point Awards Champion Halter Horse

The matriach of the herd - Ceilidh is a darling mare who has given us some wonderful foals over the years as you will see on her page - just click on her name above!

Her 2014 born foal is her last and she will now retire.

Verondina Tabatha
Sire: Billara Padbury

(Purebred CB, Exp NZ, Dec.)
Dam: Bemscan (TB)
DOB: 13th October 1999

Tabatha is a lovely chestnut CBSH mare who has produced some wonderful foals so far for previous owners.   She has joined Reigate's lineup of mares from Kalgary Stud at Redhill in South Australia.

We are excited to have a foal out of her by Billara Beersheba in the near future.  Tab is not only a lovely broodmare, but she is an awesome riding horse.

Maximus Intentions
CBHSA Reg: 179B

25% CB, 50% TB (Pos. more CB)
Sire: Oberon Maximus
Dam: Lylie Girl
DOB: 25th November 1993

Faith is a lovely mare - with a sweet temperament and has 

fit right in here!


An absolute gem to handle in every way, and just a really sweet mare to have in the paddock and around the other horses.

Wuthering Heights
25% Cleveland Bay - 75% TB
Sire: Sandgate Reznor (CBSH)    

Dam: Springling Miss Polka (TB)
DOB: 13/05/2000 - 17hh

Bronte is a gorgeous girl who has joined us from her breeder, Wendy Clark, as a result of Wendy moving to QLD from SA.

Bronte-Brontosaurus as I call her, is an enormous girl and was born the same year as my first CB that I bred, and is by Sandgate Reznor - the stallion that started my obsession with Clevies!    Bronte has been served by Billara Beersheba.

CM Mighty Wings

37.5% Cleveland Bay, 62.5% TB

Sire: Billara Beersheba (CBSH)
Dam: Bao Salle (TB by Bao Lack - sire of Shane Roses Bejing Olympic mount, All Luck)
DOB: 03/12/2008


Wings is a favourite was sold to a showjumping home, at Tap'n'Gate Stud in Balaklava, however failed to make the height we intended her to end up at.     She was loaned to Christine Wenham at Stonehaven Sporthorses, SA and has had a gorgeous colt by Roc On in 2014, and is back in foal to him for one for me.

Yarmouth Aster
Sire: Name To Come (WB (25% Trakhener, 75% TB)    

Dam: Tia Maria (Anglo Arabian ASH registered)
DOB: 1993 - 15.2hh


Kahlua came to us from Wendy Clark, who was moving to QLD and could not take Bronte (listed above) or Kahlua with her.    The girls have fit right in here and we discovered that Kahlua was bred by Lizzie Wigney at Riverton.   Lizzie was stoked to hear that she was doing well as she had sold her as a 4 or 5 yr old!   Bred to Billara Beersheba, we cant wait for this foal!

CM Silver Serenade

37.5% Cleveland Bay, 62.5% TB

Sire: Billara Beersheba (CBSH)
Dam: Rossida (TB)
DOB: 12th September 2008


Dusty is the second foal by Billara Beersheba and has always been a favourite.   The wonderful Joanne Hutt, from Elliston, SA owns her - and has been wonderful enough to loan her to me for a couple of foals. 

I have retained her 2013 filly by Summerlee Figaro and she was recently bred to Midnight Joe. We hope to get her into the show ring soon.

Angels Charm
37.5% Cleveland Bay - 62.5% TB
Sire: Billara Beersheba (CBSH)    

Dam: Angels Glory (Paint Bred)
DOB: 19th February 2010

Rosie is another one of Joanne Hutts girls, from Elliston, SA, she travelled to Yankalilla and was served by Roc On for a 2015 foal.

Jo has been kind enough to loan her to me - and as she is one of Bills daughters again - I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get a Roc baby of my own from her!

She is out of a Black Maximum Sabino Paint bred mare.

We like to keep our mares in small herds - a mixture of some younger horses in with a couple of older ones for some 'sensibility' and 'manners' wherever possible.    Thankfully the Clevie x babies are all pretty well 'born sensible' and not a lot seems to bother them greatly!

When pasture gets low or lacks the quality the horses need, they get large bales in the paddock with them or fed hay daily - depending on their general weight (Clevies are extremely good doers, they tend to look like they are about to explode on very little!) and those who require the extra goodies at various times are hard fed.

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