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These days, every man and his dog has a Digital SLR camera and can take some beautiful photographs, they whack a name on the photographs and call themselves a professional, and us photographers who have spent time at college studying the art, and with years of experience, are left high and dry because the 'bloke down the road will do it for $100'.     It is extremely frustrating, and many do not realise how much effort goes into GOOD photography. Our equipment costs us a small fortune, having said that, it is not how much you have spent on the gear you have, it's entirely how you use it.    


Having the patience to sit and just observe my subjects is one way I can achieve getting lovely natural photographs.     It is easy to pick the forced smiles and stiff look of someone who has been told to pose in a certain way....  waiting that little longer, putting the subject at ease and letting them relax into it always ends up with much better images in the end.    You need to have a good rapport with your clients to get the best shots for them.


I like to try to put people and animals in surroundings that suit them and their personality.    Because I am not as mobile as I would like to be these days, I am a little more limited - unless I can drive into a particular spot - and have a short distance to walk - it restricts where I can do shoots, however, I do manage to find lovely places around - it is a case of knowing what to look for in a location.

Whether it is a horse show, a wedding, an informal family shoot, capturing some moments in the shearing shed, your garden, or your pets and livestock - I am able to come and capture a part of your life that you will be able to keep for you to share with generations to come..  Sometimes it's the little things that you see every day and dont take much notice of that make the best images, such as the bottlebrush, and the pussy-willow on this page.


Any of the scenic, some of the animal shots and the flower shots are available as posters, mugs, coasters etc.

Being able to produce wonderful images for folk to have as permanent reminders of that moment in time is what I strive for to supply my clients with.

Remember - not ALL your favourite images have to be 'serious'.   Having shots such as the one above on your wall will be a great talking point with visitors as well as reminding you of the comical things your animals or kids do. 

The lighter side of life is what we will all remember fondly in years to come. 

If you are interested in purchasing a poster, a canvas print, a coffee mug (individually or as a set) a shirt, cap etc with any of the images you see of animals/scenery/flora and fauna - please get in touch and we will be able to give you a quote.


Keep in mind that images from private photo shoots will likely not be available to purchase.


Don't forget that a gift certificate for my services is available and an awesome idea for that hard to buy for person in your life! 

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