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Equine Proofs
Please click on the links below with the event and date to take you to its page of photographic proofs.    All efforts are taken to get them up as soon as possible, however, with my disabilities, they may take a little longer than usual.   You will notice that my method of delivering them has changed considerably from past years.     I cannot stand to deliver images for you to see that are not fully edited and ready for 'public consumption' generally, however, with limitations, and in the interest of getting them up for you asap, I am now popping the original files up.     Enjoy, and please contact me should you have any enquiries.
To order - simply send an email to the above address with the file numbers which will appear on the images when you hover over or enlarge by clicking on them.

Wirrina Cove Horse Trials 2020 - November 7th & 8th

Below is a small slideshow are some examples of what the original image is and what you will receive after ordering the images you would like.    All images will be cropped, rotated, lightened/darkened/corrected as required.      Those alterations are included in the price.     Should you wish to have items taken out of the background - which obviously cannot be helped greatly at the time of taking the photograph - I can do this, however, there will be an additional cost involved.   Let me know what you would like done and I will give you an individual quote dependent on the amount of work involved.   

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