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Reference Broodmares - A work in progress!


We have had some wonderful mares in our herd in the past and the mares are as important if not more, than the stallions used, yet not enough folk share the mares on their websites. 


We will have a comprehensive list of mares who have influenced our breeding over the years and those we wish to continue their bloodlines in years to come. 

Billara Killari

Cleveland Bay x TB

Sire: Gillshaw Caliph (CB)

Dam: According (TB)


Killari was an awesome member of the herd under the previous stud partnership.   


Sadly, she did not end up in my herd, however is a very important part of the history here as she is the dam of our gorgeous and talented fellow, Billara Beersheba.


A big bodied mare with a lovely temperament who passes on her trainability and conformation to her offspring as is evident in Bill. 

Verondina Tabatha
Sire: Billara Padbury

(Purebred CB, Exp NZ, Dec.)
Dam: Bemscan (TB)
DOB: 13th October 1999

Tabatha is a lovely chestnut CBSH mare who has produced some wonderful foals so far for previous owners.   She has joined Reigate's lineup of mares from Kalgary Stud at Redhill in South Australia.


We are keen to have her produce a foal for us in the near future - and she doubles as an awesome riding horse.  

Killarnie Breeze

Cleveland Bay x TB - Deceased

Sire: Billara Padbury (CB)

Dam: Blacky (TB)


Breeze was a beautiful girl who was the dam of CM Bedford Forrest (on the Reference Sires page), CM Shall We Dance, and Reigate Belle Brackyn. 


Opinionated and not for the complete novice - but with a trainable and lovely temperament for those she knew were 'worthy' of her respect.  Sadly we had to make the decision to put her to sleep after being hit by a vehicle early one morning.

Jazdan Grace Kavalier

Warmblood Mare - Deceased

Sire: Grandkavalier

Dam: Cloverfern Hannah


Phoebe was bitten by a snake on the 4th of November 2014, unfortunately we lost her - but her colt was born via C Section with massive thanks to the wonderful Dr Rebel Skirving at Gambier Vets.


You can click on her name or her image at left to go to her page which has more information about her - including the Cleveland Bay blood in her heritage!

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