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Reference Sires


Here you will find sires that we have used in the recent and distant past over our mares, or stallions who have influenced our decisions to use another stallion or mare with our breeding program.


We are sure to add horses as we go - and we will update the page as soon as we can.

Roc On

14.3 3/4hh Perlino 75% QH Stallion
DOB: 12th October 2000
Dilutes Australia Reg: WS0062
WSA Reg: SH2012-002
Sire: Roc Again Q-26099 (Sire: Roc'O'Lena (Imp.) 

Dam: Stylish Lena)
Dam: Indianna (QH x Appaloosa)

An outstanding temperament in this boy which made him truly a 'kids pony with testicles'.    Now gelded, he is retired and Christine has 2 of his offspring.

Stonehaven Sporthorses, Yankalilla, SA

Summerlee Figaro (Dec)

16hh - CBHSA Reg: 355B
WSA Reg: WB2012-001
75% Cleveland Bay, 25% Danish Warmblood
Born 26/11/1998 - Deceased 6/4/2013
Sire: Wetherby Rigoletto
(CB, Imp. NZ - by Heslerton Farmer)
Dam: Summerlee Noir (Kilof McOhl x CB)

Figaro was an awesome boy, with an amazing temperament, trainability and conformation.    A true gentleman.

CM Bedford Forrest (Dec)

17.2hh and still growing when Deceased.


75% Cleveland Bay, 25% Thoroughbred

Born: 26/12/200 - Deceased: March 2011

Sire: Forest Field Day (Pure CB, Imp.)

Dam: Killarnie Breeze (Billara Padbury x TB)

Forrest was not yet under saddle when he passed away from a torsion in his bowel.   He was an intelligent young stallion who just accepted everything thrown at him.

Wetherby Lord Byron (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1983

Sire: Osberton Goliath

Dam: Stixwould Clementine

Born in NZ and Imported to Australia

Byron was the sire of many lovely horses here in Australia and New Zealand.

Wetherby Alpheratz (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1986

Sire: Wetherby Lord Byron

Dam: Wetherby Faux Pas

Born in NZ and Imp. to Aus.

Alphy stands at Billara Stud, Mt Pleasant, SA

Mulgrave Supreme (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1961 - 17hh

Sire: Cholderton Minstrel

Dam: Mulgrave Rose

Born in the UK, and purchased by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - this horse was a major influence on the modern day Cleveland Bay Horses around the world.   He narrowly escaped being exported to North America.

Sandgate Reznor (Dec)

Cleveland Bay x Holsteiner x TB

Born: 14/6/1992 - 17.2hh

Sire: Gillshaw Caliph

Dam: Forest Foursome

Born in South Australia, this lad travelled to Western Australia & New South Wales during his lifespan and sired many wonderful horses - ranging from Eventers, Dressage Horses, Police Horses & All Rounders.

Forest Field Day (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1976 - 17hh

Sire: Forest Superman

Dam: Forest Foursome

Born in the UK and Imp. to Aus.

Forest Field Day is an influencial sire and excelled in the UK before being brought out to Australia.

Gillshaw Caliph (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1973 - 17.1hh

Sire: Knaresborough Warlock

Dam: Gillshaw Kitty

Born in the UK and Imp. to Aus.

Gillshaw Caliph sired many wonderful horses in the UK and Australia.    His offspring have been exported to NZ as well.   There are a lot of CBs who have heavy 'ticking' that are closely related to Gillshaw Caliph.   Billara Beersheba for example has heavy ticking and passes it along to a lot of his progeny.

Moelion Arthur (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1992 - 16hh

Sire: Forest Saga

Dam: Ashgrove Daisy

Born in the UK and winner of the prestigeous King George V Cup 4 years in a row after having received Runner Up the first year he competed, this lovely horse was imported to Australia where he sired some wonderful horses.

Emperor Oberon (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1977 - 16.2hh

Sire: Eaglescliff Emperor

Dam: Knaresborough Bewytched

Born in the UK and after siring some awesome horses there, was imported to Australia and continued to sire some fabulous offspring who have excelled in just about every field you can imagine.

CM Oberon Toblerone (Dec)

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1999 - 17.3hh

Sire: Emperor Oberon

Dam: Kalgan Windup

Tobi has the most amazing temperament - I was offered him direct from the paddock in WA - miles from anywhere and having not been handled since he was 18 months old - and at this stage he was 9... He just takes everything in his stride.

Wildfeuer (Dec)


Born: 1970 - 16.3hh

Sire: Waterman

Dam: Cambia

Wildfeuer is CM Oberon Toblerones grandsire, and you can certainly see his influence in him.   You can get a feel for how prepotent the Cleveland Bay is - Wildfeuer had Purebred CB blood back in his lineage in the 1840s, with Duke Of Cleveland and Brilliant - as far back as the late 1700s with Duke of York too.   It always amuses me when  dont want to associate their European Warmbloods with Clevies - however if they looked back through their lineage - the would see that the Cleveland Bay was influencial in their breed being established.

Allen Park Bald Eagle (Dec)

Station Bred Stock Horse

Born: 1974 or 1975

Sire: Santee (Station Bred Stock Horse)

Dam: Limpy Lady (TB)

Black and White Stallion - Sire was a Grey and White Station Bred Stock Horse, dam was a Black TB He was born in 1974 or 1975 and died in 2008 when we put him down. He was still getting mares pregnant at 32 1/2 yrs old!!    He sired some wondeful foals and is well known in SA.

CM Danzaponastaa (Dec)


Born: 1999 - 16.2hh

Sire: Danzig Connection

Dam: Herself

Ziggy, as he was known at home, was purchased through a clearing sale - I always say I liked his bone structure - as I could see all of it!     He had Joint Ill as a foal which put paid to any chance of a racing career for him - but he was used to sire some station bred stock horses til his owner passed away and he came to live with us.   We put him to a few of our nicely bred CBSH and WBSH mares and were very pleased with the results.   We had to put Ziggy to sleep when his leg started giving him trouble.

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