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'Abby' - is going to a fabulous new home in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW - couldnt be more pleased with this rehoming.


Abby is the sweetest little mare standing 11.1 1/2hh and deserves to go to a home that is going to use her to her full potential.      She would make an awesome leading rein pony, and later a PC mount for a young rider once she has had some work done with her.

You will see on this page that she has been backed, - a couple of times now actually and both times was a complete darling and not at all fussed by the whole process. 

She wasnt worried by the saddle blanket being flopped all over her or a rider on her back.

She has not long weaned her 2017 born foal, so is currently regaining what he pulled out of her at the end - being that he was extremely round thanks to her being an awesome milk producer - it was a struggle to keep his weight down and her where I was happy with her.   

Abby is lovely in a herd of horses - be they the same or similar size or quite a bit bigger or smaller. 

I am currently waiting for her paperwork to be registered as a Welsh A - however she is being sold without papers and as is.   Should I receive them though I shall hand them on to her new owner to be able to register her at their cost.

She is ready to go to a new home now and if you are so inclined, she is open and can be bred this coming season. 

Finishing her off under saddle should not take a terribly long time and should be fairly easy to do. 

If you are keen on discussing Abby with me further, please contact me at

Located at Wallacedale, VIC 3303 - which is only 20 minutes from Hamilton, 20 minutes from Heywood, and about an hour and a half from Mount Gambier.

She is priced at just $1500 which I think is a fair and reasonable price for a pony of her type and temperament. 

I must sell her sadly due only to my health issues as mentioned on Brontes page (Wuthering Heights), otherwise I would be looking to have her started in harness and would be looking at driving her in the future as she is the ideal size and just a complete darling to work with in every way.

Abby is going to a fabulous home with some wonderful people I know :D :D 

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