Bay Filly
DOB: 16th November 2012
Sire: Billara Beersheba
Dam: Killarnie Ceilidh

62.5% Cleveland Bay, 37.5% Thoroughbred
CBHSA Registered: 674CBS

Estimated Mature Height:  16.1hh 

Blossom is the second of this particular mating and is an absolute ripper of a filly. 


She is displaying so many traits of both her sire and dam, and I could not be happier with her so far. 


She is the spitting image in looks and temperament of her full sister, CM Ciarra Ashlinn, owned by Bianca Payne of Woodcroft in SA.    The only thing missing is the white star! 


From the moment she was born, Bloss was full of spunk and displayed that 'Yep - Im good, just look at me!' attitude.    


Always first in to give everyone else in the paddock a run for their money, this filly is growing well and is going to be one to watch in the competition arena in years to come.


I have desperately wanted to get her out and show her inhand while she was young, preparing her for a life of competition and outings once under saddle, however; my health has not allowed me to take her out.     It is really frustrating, but she should easily go out and not be fussed by much given everything we have introduced her to (or should that be 'subjected her to' lol) 

Reigate Belita Blossom

Being a well travelled girl - she was born in South Australia and has been carted around all over the place in both floats and trucks and handled both well. 


She leads, ties, I can sit on a milk crate and do her feet with them in my lap - both picking out and trimming/rasping.     She is easy to worm, vaccinate and basically do whatever you want with her. 


She does on occasion have her opinion about things - but 1: She's female, and 2: She's female... lol     


She has been rugged, led from the back of the ute around the property, is used to Kangaroos hopping through her paddock and various other wildlife, is not bothered by sheep, cattle, donkeys, dogs, cats etc.    


Bloss has been handled by a variety of people - from experienced folk to raw beginners without issue. 


She had her teeth done in May 2014 by Peter Lane Equine Dentistrys team, her wolf teeth were removed, and the dentist was quite pleased with her - she was well behaved, no sedation involved, and his comments were positive, and said that despite being 'plain bay' she would be a very smart little horse for someone and that she is intelligent.  


Originally I was not going to part with her at all - however I am finally at the point of admitting that my body will not cooperate and do what I want it to - I would love to see her out there flying the flag for the stud and for the breed. 

Blossom has been sold to the most awesome home - Pine Country Sporthorses at Whyalla has purchased her.          


Margaret and Les Hosking are long time friends of mine and have already purchased two other youngsters I have bred, and have a Bill daughter the same age as Bloss as well.....  


It is extremely exciting as I could not be happier with the home and will be able to keep in touch with her and see her grow.    


She will no doubt have a career ahead of her in the show ring, inhand and then under saddle, and I can see Margaret jumping her down the track! 


Bloss has not yet left home - but I am sure she will shortly.       We will update her page as she grows and we receive updates! 

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