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Reigate Simply Irresistible (Stella)

Sire: Billara Beersheba - Dam: Wuthering Heights

DOB: 1st October 2018 - Bay Filly - Tiny White Star

Full Sister to Feb 2017 born Reigate Great Expectations (Heath)

Reigate Simply Irresistible - or as known in the paddock - Stella (from Stellina - meaning Little Star) is a bold and cheeky little miss so far, and has big floating movement.    She can spin on a dime as the Americans would say, and is rather athletic.

Whilst a month and a half old, in this lot of images, (see further down for updated images) she is already showing signs of being quite brave and would be best suited to someone who knows what they are doing and who wants to go eventing or do something that is going to keep her brain occupied and ticking over.        Obviously she has a lot of growing to do and a long way to go before she is even ready

to go to a new home or start thinking about doing anything like that with - she is one to watch and to secure for your future eventing or performance team.     She has the moves for dressage, and the sensory perception and placement of feet for jumping or eventing in the future as well.

She should finish up around the 17hh mark like her dam.   


Depending on time, what is happening etc - you may be able to have a sit on her sire should you have sufficient riding skills


She is going to be quite enormous looking at the size of her joints, her legs, the shoulder and hip.     


Her dam, Wuthering Heights (Bronte) is quite large and whilst her sire, Billara Beersheba, is not as large, standing at just 16hh, he is solid and has much larger horses in his breeding.      His offspring tend to end up around the size of their dams as well. 

Stellas full brother, Reigate Great Expectations (Heath) is quite enormous already - at 21 months - he is standing 15hh and as you can see is quite a solid boy!      His owner, Jenny, is absolutely stoked with how he is growing and is completely in love with thim.   

Reigate Great Expectations 3 11 18 a_edi

As you can see, Heath has a fair bit of size about him - and he too started out as 'orange' as Stella is currently.     


It is funny as a few people on the Facebook page argued the point saying she was chestnut - she is clearly Bay - black tail,  black points on her coronets, fetlocks, nostrils, lips and eyelids as well as ear tips.       The rest of the mane and legs will darken up in time. 


The below images were taken on the 19th of November 2019 when we got to go down and visit them finally, and all I can say is WOW - STELLA IS STUNNING! - she is beautifully put together, she moves gracefully and has some speed to her as well when she wants to.     We hope you enjoy the images below of her - I dont think they need the words - other than to say that she is so easy to lead away from her paddock mate who belts around screaming her head off for her - Stella just doesnt care - she just happily walks alongside Sarah as she takes her quite some distance up to the round yard or where-ever., even in the dark!


Stella is 13 1/2 months old in these images, and she is going through a growth spurt as well - apparently a couple of weeks prior she was quite bum high - at this time she seemed to have level up a little with the withers and I am sure is continuing to go upwards, and perhaps a little more outwards again by now.     

Sarah has done a fabulous job with gaining her trust, and as said - she leads away from her mate beautifully, floated from the other side of Melbourne to Mt Gambier with no hassles at all as well.

Collage 2020-01-23 20_36_24.jpg

The images either side and below were taken by Sarah and co down at Mount Gambier of her just growing and having fun.    She is a cheeky miss and had her first float ride solo!    She was very well behaved and just took a few minutes looking at the tailgate before walking on.    We are quite happy with that - Nice and quietly does it!


On the 12th of May 2020, Stella had a big day - she had a visit from Stuart, from Gambier Vets who gave her light sedation and did her teeth, then inserted a microchip.    Along came Lachie, the farrier, and gave her a hoof trim.     Both Stuart and Lachie were quite happy with her and both agreed she will be a big girl.      Sarah also put her first rugs on her.    At 19 months old - she is in a 5 foot 9 rug.   Eeps!  

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