CM Legardo

37.5% Cleveland Bay, 62.5% Thoroughbred Colt
Sire: CM Bedford Forrest (CBSH by Forest Field Day (imp UK. CB) out of Killarnie Breeze (by Billara Padbury))
Dam: Donna Del Lago (Thoroughbred)
Born 24th November 2011

Legardo is the last foal bred under the CM Sporthorses banner, and the last colt by CM Bedford Forrest who sadly had died in May 2011 from a torsion in his bowel.

Legardo was rather late in arriving and had driven everyone nuts - including his dam!

Co-owned by Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud and Sue & David Nankivell of Port Lincoln, his dam, Donna, had been on loan to CM Sporthorses from Sue and David, and Sue fell in love with Legardo the moment she set eyes on him, as had I when he was born!

What is not to love about this gorgeous fellow?   He is his sire all over, and is a sweet, sweet boy in every regard.      We decided to leave him entire to see how he grew up - and boy, we are not disappointed!     There has been a bit of interest in folk using him over their mares down the track and the plan was to get him out, seen, get him going under saddle, competing and see where life takes him - if he was going to be a potential performance horse sire - great - if he wasnt up to spec and not worthy of retaining his appendages - he would make a spectactular gelding!      


So far we are thrilled with his growth, his temperament, and see

him having a bright future with or without his testicles, however we are not able to get him out under saddle as we are lacking a rider at the moment - hes had everything done except being backed - though he is only now starting to mature enough to the point where we would consider sitting someone on him.      Wanting him to have a long and happy ridden career we are being careful, as with all our youngsters, not to do too much circle work (lunging included).


Legardo has been sold to a wonderful home in NSW, with Lizzie Wilson-Fellows at Lets Performance Horses.    


We wish him and Lizzie all the best with what should be a beautiful partnership.      Lee is sure to exceed in her hands and it is going to be a very exciting future for him, and we will keep updated on his progression and share it on his page here as we have info and images available.   He had been entered for the Royal Melbourne Horse Show in January 2015 - however, we have had to cancel those plans due to his sale.      

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