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He will not go to the first person to say 'heres the money' - I would dearly love to see him in a performance home as I firmly believe he has a great future ahead of him. 


He will require a home that is going to keep him thinking.  He thrives on being busy and having a 'job' - even if it is playing with various objects, being 'helpful' with tools etc... and some ground work.     The more stimulation he gets, the happier he is.     He is one incredibly smart young horse.

Above you can see a collage of images of Billara Beersheba - Monsters sire who is a very laid back fellow with an awesome and very trainable and easy going nature. 

At right there are two images of Jazdan Grace Kavalier - Monsters Dam.     It is a shame he did not get to meet her or be raised by her.    You can see more about her by clicking on her images or her name here. 

'Monster' - or Reigate Remember Me - he is just lovely and is a perfect mix of both his sire (Billara Beersheba) and dam (Jazdan Grace Kavalier).     He is highly intelligent and loves to have his mind kept active.


Monster has been backed once and you would have thought he was an old beginners schoolmaster by the way he just accepted everything and got on with it.      


Such a gem of a horse - Lou, who was the one working with him, could not believe that he was as quiet as he was/is about it all. I think its a case of just having had everything done with him and no fuss about it through his life.    He just goes 'ok thats cool' and deals with it.  


You can see over 800 images of him from birth to present by following this link to his album on Facebook - it is open to the public so if you have FB - you dont have to be on my 'friends' list to see it. 


Price wise for Monster - I am open to very serious offers, however; those who have enquired about him I have indicated that I was thinking around the $12 000 mark - which I feel is extremely reasonable for a colt of his breeding, age, temperament, trainability etc...   


*** Given the current state of my health - I am needing to part with my beautiful boy sooner rather than later.     

You can make me an offer that you think is fair between the $8k - $12k mark, and I will not be offended and we can have a reasonable discussion as to whether it is suitable and going to work for us both. 

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