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All semen remaining in storage at Tamworth Equine Veterinary Services,


You can buy it all or you can buy a few services - the

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This wonderful horse has touched the lives of many over the years.

Bred by Sandgate Stud (located at Victor Harbor, owned/operated by Jill Hagemann), he grew up there before being purchased by Margaret & Les Hosking of Pine Country Sporthorses at Whyalla.

It was during his time with Margaret (Pictured right, on him) and Les that I met and was impressed by his wonderful nature, build, and everything about him, thus beginning my love affair with Cleveland Bay Horses!


Margaret and Les bred a number of lovely horses by him out of Thoroughbred mares predominately, and of course I bred my first Cleveland Bay Sporthorse - CM Astra's Ariella.

Above is a drawing done by Shell Williams (ME!!) for Margaret Hosking of Sandgate Reznor.

Sandgate Reznor



"Pepper" was a Cleveland Bay Sport Horse stallion standing 17.2hh

His sire was the wonderful Purebred Cleveland Bay, imported from the UK by a syndicate to Australia, Gillshaw Caliph who of course has been deceased for some years now.

His dam was a mare by the name of Balalaika who carried the lines of Schwandor and Flaneur - impressive Holsteiner breeding - and has Cleveland Bay blood back in there as well through Eaglescliff Emperor

Born in 1992, he was registered and approved for breeding with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of Australasia (CBHSA B236), and the Australian Warmblood and Sport Horse Association (AWSHA 732SH06), Pepper (or Max as he was known during his time in Western Australia), has sired some wonderful horses and can continue to do so thanks to Frozen Semen since his death in 2008.

A limited number of services are avaialable to Sandgate Reznor via Frozen Semen to select mares.

Service Fee:  $1250 plus costs.

Margaret made the decision to put Pepper on the market, and he was very quickly snapped up (within an hour!!) by Lorraine Richmond from Windermere Stud in Albany, WA (now in Coffs Harbour, NSW and soon to be in France).


Lorraine had great success with him as a sire and there are quite a few horses by him all over Australia bred in WA.


With a change in direction - Lorraine offered Pepper to myself and my husband at the time, and we had just bought Billara Beersheba and could not justify having 'two' stallions (little did we know we would have up to 6 stallions at one time in the not too distant future! lol), so I suggested she contact Heather & Simon Studdy or Yatama Stud in NSW, as Heather had fallen in love with the Clevelands that we had when I lived in NSW!


Pepper stood at Yatama Stud and produced some beautiful horses until his death in 2008 which devestated Heather & Simon as you could imagine.  Thankfully, Heather & Simon had collected semen from him and had some in storage!  


No longer having the mares that she wanted to use with him, I secured the semen, however I am now at a point in life where I am finishing up with the breeding side of things and am wanting to part with the semen as I dont see myself using it at all. 










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