Stallions At Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud


We invite you to take the time to look at the pages for each of the two Partbred Cleveland Bay boys we have available for stud duties.   Just click on their names below or their photographs to be taken to their pages!

Billara Beersheba (Left).   He is wonderful, and we are often told that he is 'very good for a stallion' - which is interesting as his temperament and attitude is just what we expect from ANY horse that we plan to use as a breeding prospect - we feel this is due to him being treated like horses first and foremost, and to us, he is just part of the family!  He is very well socialised and is a polite individual.   Live Cover

Sandgate Reznor (Below) is only available via Frozen Semen Only (out of Tamworth, NSW, for domestic use only - not export) as he is deceased, so you will miss out on seeing this magnificent horse in the flesh.   We hope that the photographs we can share of him will give you a good indication of his build - he had a wonderful temperament and was loved by all who met him.


As with our mares, the stallions we use are all chosen for their temperament, trainability, conformation, bloodlines and overall 'package' that they offer.    

Over the years we have had in our herd, and used a number of wonderful stallions, a large number who are no longer available at stud due to being deceased or out of frozen semen. 


We are proud of the horses produced and love to hear how they are going.   If you have horses we have bred, or are by our boys - please feel free to send us images of them along with a bit of a writeup for us to share with the visitors to our website.    


Due to winding down the breeding side of things thanks to my health, we are able to only offer one or two services to outside mares per season now, and preferably on a Walk In, Walk Out basis or better still - we can come to you dependent on your location.     This way your mare never has to leave home and Bill gets a nice couple of days out.      


Get in touch to discuss the options. 


To see a selection of Sires that we have used here or who have influenced our breeding, please click on the following link:  


Reference Sires

Forest Field Day

(Deceased) - Frozen Semen

Cleveland Bay

Born: 1976 - 17hh

Sire: Forest Superman

Dam: Forest Foursome

Born in the UK and Imp. to Aus.

Forest Field Day is an influencial sire and excelled in the UK before being brought out to Australia.



I am most likely never going to get around to using the semen I have for Forest Field Day (Left) so am open to offers for the two doses I have in storage of it.    


If you are at all interested in it - please get in touch with me.