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Website Design, Development & Maintenance


Websites are an awesome tool in this day and age to get your products or services seen, inform folk about new arrivals, special deals, and to show off your work no matter what your industry is. 


You can have a complex website, or a simple one - it is up to you.     I can build you a basic site if you are not terribly internet savvy and outline what you do, where you are and give your best contact details - there are many businesses out there that are not yet online and prefer the good old fashioned 'come in to the store for awesome service' method - and then there are those who do every transaction online and do not actually have a physical shop address.


Whatever your needs - I am able to provide you with a site to suit.     If you would like a site that you can update and control the content of at a later date yourself - but are not sure where to start - no problem - I can set that up and teach you how to use it.     If you would like a site that you send updates to me to put up for you from time to time - thats easy too - and at any stage I can teach you how to do it if you get brave enough to give it a shot. 


However you decide to have your site updated and created - I am able to be here as a backup if things should not go well - and YES - it has happened - I have designed sites for clients, who have tried to update, completely destroyed the formatting in their attempts and not knowing how - and have been able to fix it for them relatively quickly.    The beauty of being able to do website design is also the ability to fix it when it gets mucked up!


I am happy to do society/association/club sites as well as businesses, different types of organisations, ranging from volunteer groups, fundraising groups etc. 


Over the years I have used a variety of site hosts and programs to put sites together - and have always tried to find platforms that are simple and easy to use so that I can teach my clients how to do their own updates, yet still have me as a backup should they require.     So while, yes, I am kind of doing myself out of a few jobs by teaching clients to maintain their own - I believe in making life as simple as possible for folk and if it saves them some $$ in the long run - that can only be beneficial to their business and mine.    Because people are always wanting to have a fairly easy to use platform if they choose to do their own updates in the future, I use the 'drag and drop' style of site builders as it is the simplest to talk folk through updating or altering something over the phone if required. 


There are many sites I have done over the years - sadly - due to no fault of the website - just personal circumstances, some studs and businesses have closed so the websites are no longer available for viewing. 


Website pricing starts at $750 and dependent on the amount of information, options etc.    Each quote is tailored to your needs and is very much personalised.     


I am more than happy to discuss a reduced rate for volunteer organisations or small clubs/teams etc.      

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