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Whyalla Feed Supplies

Whyalla Feed Supplies is a locally owned family business situated out at the Mullaquana area (8 Mile Creek), selling a large variety of stock and pet foods, health care and nutrition products, covering a wide range of species that people care for.

With 60 years of experience in horse breeding, training and competition, 25 years of farming, breeding and training sheep dogs, and a variety of pet experience, we are sure to be able to help you out with just about any of your animal needs.

As well as the feed supplies, we have a basic range of saddlery and tack - some new, some second hand in store.

Easy to locate, we are at 14 Berkshire Road, and you can see our opening hours here on this page. 

YES we deliver - orders will need to be in the day prior.  We have a variety of ways to pay - including bank transfer.

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