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With illness and injuries becoming increasingly worse, I have wound down my Photography, Design, Editing etc as I just can't hold a camera steady enough, and my back/neck/head/arms etc wont deal with anything much - I wake up not knowing if its a good or bad day so am not keen on booking anything knowing full well I may have to cancel.

Some of what I used to do and offer folk is listed below.     I am extremely upset at not being able to do this anymore, not even for myself really - my tremors and the pain levels are too great to even consider it.    For example - 2018 and 2019, along with 2020 so far, I have had my camera out of its bag about 5 or 6 times at most.      And my computer gets used for watching Netflix for the most part.

Some examples of design work I can offer you are:
Logos ~ Brochures ~ Post Cards ~ Business Cards
Membership Cards ~ Unique Tags for your products
Posters ~ Advertisements ~ Websites
E-Business Cards ~ Invoices ~ Packing Slips
Vinyl Cut Signage ~ Canvas Prints ~ Service Certificates
Stickers & More!

Photography wise I can offer you:
Equine/Pet Photography ~ Stud/Livestock Photography
Family Portraits ~ Wedding Photography ~ Event Photography
Show Photography for Associations and Clubs (Horse, Football, Dog etc.)
Commercial Photography and images for your business for use in competitions amongst your peers (ie: Winery, Motel, Restaurant etc) is also available!

You may see the old signature on some images that is pictured below - dont worry - thats still me!

The simplest of images can look stunning on your wall on a canvas or as a framed print.

I have a selection of landscapes, animals, flora and fauna for you to choose from.

Don't forget that if there is a Birthday, Christmas or special event coming up, you will need to leave enough time to have prints done and sent out to you.

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