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Wuthering Heights

Below is Brontes breeding - as can be found on - Though there is a bit of controversy about Balalaikas breeding that has gone on over the years - and it seems that Balalaika was not out of Princess who is listed as a TB but out of a mare with Cleveland Bay breeding, and a mare named Kylee is on the dam side of Balalaika - it is unconfirmed as to whether she was a purebred Cleveland Bay or a Partbred - correct paperwork was not done on that side so cannot be verified officially.

I have known her since before she was conceived, and she is a half sister to my initial Cleveland Bay that I bred, Ariella, and I got her from one of my dearest friends when she moved to QLD and had to part with her horses - so I know her full history and everything she's had done with her. 

At right you can see three drawings that I did - Dot (Springling Miss Polka) - Brontes mum.     Then Bronte of course in the middle, and at far right is dad, Sandgate Reznor (whose semen is available for sale - either as single services, a few services or the lot). 

Below you can see Baby Bronte.    She was only a few hours old when I got to take the first few photos, and then a few months old when she was playing with her ball. 


Being a late starter as far as having her first foal goes - she is an awesome mother, and her first foal was a gorgeous colt we named Reigate Great Expectations, or Heath as a paddock name.      He is now an awesome gelding with his owner Jenny Baker in Victoria.

Reigate Simply Irrististible (Stella) is her second foal, also by Billara Beersheba, and is looking to be enormous already.    

If you are at all interested in purchasing Reigate Simply Irresistable - Stella, Please contact me at:

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